Since 1995, Canine Safety Systems has been one of the top producing pet fence companies in the industry.  In the Pet Stop franchise, we have consistently been number one or two every year since our inception.  This position doesn’t come by accident.  One of the things which makes Canine Safety so successful is our commitment to a unique goal – keep your pets as safe as we can.  This may sound obvious, but many pet fence companies don’t make that a priority.  Many of our competitors’ business models rely on their products failing in order to produce service calls.  We’ve heard numbers such as “30% of your business needs to be in repairing pet fence line breaks.”  We see that as a 70% success ratio, or, in the academic grading system, a “D”.  In other words,  count on 3 out of 10 systems putting your pets in jeopardy.  If the goal is to keep your pets as safe as possible, that’s unacceptable.  Our incidence of line breakage is below 7%, and we continue to work to make it lower.

Not All Pet Fence Installations Are Created Equal!

We’ve probably all been burned by the allure of a low price only to realize that what we just purchased would not do what we needed it to do, or fell short of our expectations.  The old adage “you get what you pay for” really rings true in the electronic pet fencing business.  Here are a few things which help us keep your pets safer than our competition.

12 Gauge Wire

Nobody likes to hear about the difference in wire gauge, and while the quickest way to cut cost is to use less copper, we like to remind everyone that our goal is not to use less copper, but to keep your pets safe.  There is a reason that our wire doesn’t break.  It’s heavier –  often 4 times the thickness of the competition!  Every time the ground contracts and expands with the changing seasons is a chance for stress on the wire.  When someone puts a shovel in the ground near the perimeter of your yard, the odds of an accidental breakage go up – especially with lighter gauge wire.

Deeper Wire Burial

One do-it-yourself website recommends a 1-3″ burial depth for their wire. At that depth, any number of items can accidentally break your wire.

In our unique installation process, we bury the wire 3-7 inches in grass areas, 6-7 inches deep in gravel driveways, and 1/2 to 5/8 inches deep in blacktop driveways and is then sealed with driveway sealant.  In more extreme cases, such as areas where farm equipment penetrates the earth more than 7 inches, we have uniquely designed equipment to go over 15 inches deep!

Burying pet fence wire 1-3 inches deep costs less to install, installs more quickly, and doesn’t require machinery which has been re-engineered for deeper burial.  We ask the question, “does it keep the pets safer?” When someone sticks a spike in the ground, or the lawn mower catches a stone and accidentally cuts the area by the wire, we want to make sure the wire we install stays installed and keeps your pets safe.  Deep burial helps to insure this.

Unique Installation Techniques and Equipment in the Pet Fence Industry

We like to invent at Canine Safety Systems.  So much so that we’ve developed machinery which helps us do our job better, more efficiently, and helps us to create a safer environment for your pets.  Other companies may tell you they have the same equipment, but we know the industry very well.  They may have similar machines, but they don’t have the abilities we have.  Take a look at some of the equipment that we’ve modified for our use here.


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