Dog Fencing & Pet Containment – The Basics

Elements of a Pet Stop Dog Fence System

Our Pet Stop® Dog Fence System Physical Componentsdog fence system diagram

The Pet Stop® dog fence system is simple and straightforward. It consists of three primary components:

  • the transmitter
  • the receiver
  • antenna (boundary wire)

Our Pet Stop® transmitter is an ultra-low frequency radio transmitter that plugs into any standard 120V outlet. The signal it transmits is carried by the underground boundary wire, which serves as a hidden antenna for your dog fence. We bury the wire 3 to 7 inches deep to prevent damage from lawn mowers, weed whackers, snowplows or any other maintenance machines.

Your pet wears a lightweight receiver for the dog fence, which is worn around your pet’s neck. The receiver picks up the radio signal only if your dog or cat decides to cross the boundary wire. Crossing the wire will give your pet a mild correction equivalent to the feeling of a static electric shock from carpeting.

Our Dog Fence Training System

dog with a dog fence collarThe key to a successful system is our boundary training! The Canine Safety training procedures have been successful in the training of thousands of animals.  Flags placed every six feet help you train your pet adapt to the customized boundaries of your fence. By spending just fifteen minutes a day working with your dog, he will be fully trained in seven to ten days. You can train as many pets as you want on the same system as long as they are each wearing their own receiver collar. You can adapt these same techniques to suit the special needs of animals with physical and visual disabilities.


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