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USA Built Equipment

Innovative products made in the USA guarantee that your pets are protected.  Even when there is a problem, service is done locally.

Receiver Collars, Transmitters,Innovative USA-Built Products

This is where you’ll find receivers, transmitters, and other accessories for our Pet Stop™ Pet Fence systems.  We also carry an Invisible Fence® brand collar as well.


Introducing:  Ecolite Receiver Collars

The smallest, lightest, most versatile receiver on the planet!
Rechargable! No More batteries!
EcoLite Features:

  • EcoLite Plus rechargeable receiver with charging station plusDiagnostic Charging Station Plus – programmed to check all of your EcoLite’s functions (even the correction settings), so if there’s something wrong with your collar, you’ll find out before your dog does.
  • Charging Station -Every easy to use! Just set the Ecolite receiver collar in the charging station, and it will be recharged within just a few hours.
  • Tough and durable – made with Lexan plastic and built to last.
  • No leaks – since there’s no battery, it’s a completely closed unit
  • Water-resistant – no worries if your Ecolite receiver gets wet.
  • Night Light feature – keep track of your pet when it’s dark outside.
  • Low-battery light – know that your Ecolite’s rechargeable battery is always fresh with the built-in warning light.

UltraMax Receiver™(Deluxe)

the UltraMax Receiver™ was designed for more determined dogs. Utilizing a highly efficient circuit, the UltraMax features a host of settings, including an adjustable correction that is the most effective in the business in keeping your pets safe and secure.





Perimeter Technologies® ComputerReceiver™ Collars for Invisible Fence® Brand Dog Fence Systems



Owners of Invisible Fence® Brand Dog Fence Systems: You can now purchase a brand new Computer Receiver Collars for your system. Unlike its namesake, this collar receiver for Invisible Fence® is built in the USA. Each receiver is manufactured to exacting specifications, is completely submergible in water and will provide years of worry-free service for your Invisible Fence® system.


OT300 Outdoor Transmitter (Deluxe)

The OT300 has an easy-read digital display, power loss memory, wire break warning, built-in lighting protection plus a patented lightning damage warning. It is temperature safe; designed to ensure the signal field will not change regardless of the temperature outdoors. It also has the unique capability to program all the collar functions. This means that in the time it takes to make a (free) phone call to Canine Safety Systems, we can help you change any or all of the collar functions using the two button keypad!

Room Wizard™ Indoor Transmitter

So accurate that it can have zones as small as only a few feet. This keeps dogs and cats away from things like valuable pieces of furniture while still allowing them access to a room. The Room Wizard™ can also be used for small wired applications as well.  It’s a great item to have in your arsenal of protection for your pets.



PCC200 Transmitter


Our PCC200 digital transmitter is the hub of the system, working in concert with the computerized Pet Stop Smart Receiver collar and the boundary wire. It’s designed for the do-it-yourself client. Equipped with owner-friendly controls and power loss memory, the PCC200 will alert you to wire breaks, stand up to extreme temperatures, and now comes with “Yard Link” which allows your neighbor’s property to be linked to yours so your dogs can play, but each dog can only return to their own property when finished.


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