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As of May 2007, PetSafe® of Southeastern PA, the #1 PetSafe dealer in the country, is out of business after over 16 years of service. The former owner has entrusted us, Pet Stop by Canine Safety Systems, with servicing all of his customers. Most previous phone numbers of PetSafe® of Southeastern PA will stay the same. Our office is located in Quakertown and is staffed with trained, friendly, professional people to help you in any way we can.

About Canine Safety Systems and Pet Stop®

My name is Lawrence Grim. I am the owner of Canine Safety Systems. I have over 21 years experience in the pet containment industry and have personally provided outstanding service to over 10,000 families since I started in 1986. I hold a four-year degree from Delaware Valley College in animal science, plus I have an additional two years of veterinary technician experience from the Lansdale Veterinary Clinic. It was this time with the veterinary clinic, coupled with the wrongful death of my own dog, that drove me to find a better way to stop pets from venturing into trouble.

In 1979, John Purtell founded what became the Invisible Fence Company®. In 1986 I took a job as the Invisible Fence® manager at Fence City in Montgomeryville, PA. We won many awards from Invisible Fence® there. Then, in 1995, shortly after John Purtell had resigned and left the Invisible Fence Company®, I left Fence City, and founded Canine Safety Systems. I started installing PetSafe® products. Six frustrating years later, after product problems with PetSafe® that could not be resolved, John Purtell called on me, to try out some “new” Pet Stop® products. He showed me, time after time, that Pet Stop® systems would work perfectly, in exactly the same homes where PetSafe® systems were failing! It was easy to see the monster difference in the product quality, and so, I signed on to be one of the first dealers with Pet Stop®.

Then, as each of our old PetSafe® systems failed, we would replace them, at a very small upgrade cost, with the new Pet Stop® systems, and breathe a sigh of relief. As we gained confidence, we wrote letters to our previous customers explaining the virtues of the Pet Stop® products and we eventually swapped out over 90% of them. In my six frustrating years of PetSafe® products, I needed 9 trained people in the field to service 3000 homes. After swapping most of them to Pet Stop®, I needed only 5 trained people to take care of 5000 homes! Pet Stop’s® commitment to quality has made it extremely easy for us at Canine Safety Systems to win customer satisfaction awards seven years in a row.

This is why when the owner of PetSafe® of Southeastern PA called me to help him, I knew we could repeat the same Pet Stop® upgrade policy and stop all of the failures: past, present and future.

In short, that is why Pet Stop® is by far the best company I have ever worked for in this industry, period.

If you are a PetSafe® system owner, you may be experiencing one or more of several problem situations:

  • Full power signal field: The transmitter activates the collars everywhere on the property, and inside the house, without warning.
  • Next-door cancellation: The system your neighbor installed is shutting your system down on that side.
  • Lightning damage: Signal field outside is shut down because of a power surge and the transmitter looks to be fine. (always check your collars after a storm).
  • Holes in signal field: Inactive areas in the radio field, due to dimmer switches, cable TV wires and some fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Receiver cracking: Check to see that there are no cracks in the receiver housing to let water inside, or if it is just falling apart.
  • Receiver antennae problems: Check to see if the collar reacts to the line at the same distance when it is on the side of the dog’s neck as it does when it is on the bottom.
  • Large property wire breaks: Large properties can have many wire breaks and the transmitter will indicate every thing is just fine.
  • Receiver resetting: Collar may reset itself with any other magnets in the house such as refrigerator magnets, speaker magnets, electric motors, dog door magnetic seals, etc. (check your collar’s settings regularly).
  • Receiver battery door: Can be unlocked, removed, and flung free by the dog simply scratching himself. (this is the reason you see some collar bands wrap all the way around the receiver).
  • Receiver batteries: While inexpensive, the 2032 battery will lose shock amperage after the outside temperature drops below 20 degrees (make sure your batteries are as fresh as possible in the winter).

You may not be experiencing any of these troubles yet….
However, most dogs are hard at work studying the many loop-holes that PetSafe® systems provide.

ALL of the previous stated problems are NOT experienced with Pet Stop®

  • Pet Stop® equipment works with PetSafe® equipment.Pet Stop® is manufactured in Morgantown, PA USAPet Stop® has John Purtell, the founder of the industry, as its president!Pet Stop® has all of the previous head engineers from Invisible Fence® .
  • Pet Stop® has many of the production floor personnel from Invisible Fence®.
  • Pet Stop® has the most patents in the industry.Pet Stop® has the highest product reliability in the industry.
  • Pet Stop® UltraElite Receivers® are the smallest, lightest and most programmable receivers on the market.
  • Pet Stop® UltraElite Receivers® are the most powerful in the industry.
  • Pet Stop® batteries are inexpensive, can last up to one year, and can be found in other stores.
  • Pet Stop® equipment can program 100% of their possibilities over the phone and never forget their settings.
  • Pet Stop® receivers have over 8000 different setting combinations to fit every dog in every situation.
  • Pet Stop® receivers are ultrasonically welded together (not glued) and thus are waterproof and resist damage much better.
  • Pet Stop® battery caps can never be scratched out of place.

    Upgrade to a Pet Stop® System!

Pet Stop®   would like to help by offering an upgrade to their product utilizing their swap-out program. You can trade in your old system (1 transmitter, 1 receiver) for a brand new Pet Stop® system; this is at special discount pricing for PetSafe owners!

Our Pet Stop® technology is a safer upgrade because:

  • Our UltraElite Receiver® only weighs 1.3 oz, making it the smallest, lightest receiver on the market and is available with PetStop’s exclusive soft rubber Comfort Contacts®.
  • Our receivers have over 8000 possible settings, which can be individually customized to your dog and can be changed over the phone with you.
  • Our receivers have a low battery light, not only warning you a few days before your battery runs out, but also allowing you to monitor your dog’s behavior.
  • Our UltraElite Receiver® has the capability to do Micro Corrections for the smallest and most sensitive pets, providing the lowest corrections possible.
  • Our UltraMax Receiver® has the capability to contain any dog, pig, or goat with the strongest correction on the market if need be.
  • All of our receivers can be individually programmed to stop even the most stubborn pets by continuing to give an extended correction, even if the pet has crossed the boundary.
  • Our DM Transmitter has an easy to read digital display, so you always know where your signal field is set and has excellent built in lightning protection with an exclusive patented lightning alarm.
  • Our DM Transmitter is unaffected by bordering systems, dimmer switches, or any other external signals. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our outdoor equipment, which is transferrable to the next owner.
  • Bring it to me, and it’s replaced for free!

Pet Stop® by Canine Safety Systems’ main purpose is not only to keep your dog safe and happy in your yard, but also to reduce the amount of service calls you need over time.  If you believe you have a problematic dog system or wire installation, please contact us. We are here to help!


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