Heavy Duty Burying Machine

Custom-built to drop the wire 5-7 inches below ground!
Twenty years ago, I designed a burying machine around a 20 horsepower, 4-wheel drive grounds-keeping tractor. I built the burying attachment to drop the wire 5 to 7 inches deep, while still driving through the rocks and roots, (instead of just going over them).

This tractor can bury closer to walls or fences than other smaller walk behind machines. It is unique in that it drives over the freshly installed wire and closes the lawn as it goes forward. It has a removable bulldozer blade that can clear away brush and debris before it buries the wire. In wet lawns, the four fat turf tires will almost float over the grass where other machines will sink. Canine Safety Systems currently has four of these tractors in operation.

The vibratory blade neatly slices the ground open, buries the wire, and closes it up, all in one motion.

This 5 to 7 inch depth protects the wire from future lawn aerator attacks that can cost hundreds of dollars in loop wire repairs.
We have also designed and built no less than 10 specialized attachments for this tractor. From clearing away brush and debris, to boring under driveways, each attachment is there to insure your loop wire’s safety. We know we will always have the right tools for the job


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