The Walking Bar

Canine Safety Systems has created many custom made hand tools that bury fast and deep in all kinds of terrain.

Many lawns have delicate flowerbeds and other difficult areas to bury the loop wire. Not all of these areas can be reached by a burying machine.
Hand burying with a flat spade shovel can work, but the proper depth is usually sacrificed because of the time and effort it takes to place the wire in the slit by hand.

Stapling the wire down with landscaping staples in these areas is not very reliable either, because the staples will always raise up over the winter months, along with the wire, causing costly wire damage in the spring.

So, to solve these problems we have designed our “Walking Bar” which lays the wire 3 to 9 inches deep, while closing the trench slit as we walk behind it. It is fast, clean, deep, and uses no clumsy machines to mangle flowerbeds or topple down embankments. The “Walking Bar” makes it easy for us to bury the loop wire in garden loops faster, cleaner and deeper than ever before, resulting in a drastic reduction in wire breaks in the spring


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