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Here are some of the most frequent concerns and questions we hear from our customers about pet fences, installation, and reliability.


Q: Why do you keep talking about the gauge of your wire? Don’t they all conduct the signal the same?

A: While electricity can flow through lighter gauge wire, signal loss does occur as wire gets lighter.  The main reason we use 12 gauge wire, though, is because electricity doesn’t flow through a broken wire, and lighter gauge wire tends to break frequently.  Our wire is more expensive to buy, harder to work with, and more difficult to install, but since it’s your pet’s safety at risk, we feel it’s worth it.  It also keeps us from having to come fix your wires all the time.

Q: I’ve been told that drilling under my driveway can cause it to collapse.  Is this true?  If not, why do I keep hearing this from other companies?

A: In a word – no.  If your driveway is that sensitive to a small hole being drilled in the earth below your driveway, every mole, ant colony, or other rodent puts you at risk.  The reason you hear that so often is because we’re the only company who can do it, so it’s easier for them to scare you away from keeping your driveway intact and into letting them cut through it.

Q: What difference does it make how deep the wire is buried?  Won’t you lose the signal if it’s too deep?

A: Most companies bury their wire an inch or so down below the surface.  We install our wire up to 6″ in most cases.  On farms where there is large equipment we can install as deep as 18″ and still have a good signal field.  While it is easier to install wire an inch or less into the soil, every kid with a stick or shovel becomes a wire break hazard.  Weed trimmers, small gardening equipment, and even a high heel in the wrong place can destroy your wire.  We want your pets to be safe, so we install deeper.

Q: Will the installation tear up my lawn?

A: We designed our installation equipment so that the vibrating blade slices the ground, buries the wire between 3 and 7 inches deep, and then closes the slice in one motion.  That way your lawn sees minimal wear.

Q: Isn’t wireless the way of the future?

A: Unfortunately, wireless technology is not where it needs to be yet to be consistent enough to protect your pet.  Once the bugs are ironed out, we’ll be there, but when your pet’s safety is at stake, we prefer not to take chances.  The signal field on a wired installation doesn’t move unless the wire moves, and the field is a consistent size and strength.  In today’s wireless systems, the signal field can vary by several feet, which could potentially move your pet’s boundary into the road.  When it gets better, we’ll start offering it, but not until then.  Check out our article about wireless vs. wired systems.



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