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We offer “Reliable” Installations for “least cost” ownership by Canine Safety Systems

It’s a fact! The number one cost incurred after the sale for most other underground fence owners is wire breaks!dog-fence-installations-walking-bar

Wire breaks shut the fence down until help from a dealer can arrive. Help, in the form of a chargeable service call, can take days to realize and days more to schedule and fix. This allows your pet to forget their training and  can induce failure of your whole fence system. Canine Safety Systems is focused on your pet’s safety, and therefore we design our installations to last a long time.  While this cuts into our service business, we’re not concerned – we’d rather your pets are safe.  Besides, there are plenty of other companies whose systems we can fix.

Other fence installations can cost up to $600.00 a year in maintenance!

That is why, from first contact with you, we send a qualified representative to listen to your needs for your pet’s comfort and safety. We then carefully walk the property and suggest several solutions for your consideration. Our representative will document and evaluate all obstacles (if any) and produce a detailed diagram(s) to be followed later by our experienced professional installers. Then, on the day of installation, we walk with you again, around the property, making sure every detail (property lines, sprinkler systems, creek crossings, etc.) is brought to our mutual attention. Only then are our unique tools and specialized machines put to work. Our ultimate goal is to leave nothing to chance. Deeper, heavier loop wires are simply safer from harm and thus less expensive to maintain.

However, if we should encounter any problems or trouble spots during your install, they are NOT chargeable. Your price will NOT change unless you ask us for additional changes to the original installation details of your estimate diagram.

After twenty-five years of pet containment installations, experience has taught us to always bury and protect the wire wherever possible. So, we like to say our motto is

“MINIMUM maintenance leads to MAXIMUM safety”

We have extensive experience in all sizes of properties, from townhouses to large farms. We can handle most any terrain. We install year round and have the ability to clear snow from our path in the winter, and bush hog or bulldoze our paths in the spring, summer and fall.




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