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It’s a fact! The largest cost incurred after having an underground electronic pet fence installed from most other companies is wire break repair!

When a wire breaks on your electronic fence, it shuts your fence down until a service person can arrive and help. Help, in the form of a chargeable service call, can take days to schedule and fix. This allows your pet to forget their training and can induce failure of your whole fence system. Canine Safety Systems focuses on your pet’s safety, and to that end, we design our installations to last a long time.  While this cuts into our service business, we’re not concerned – we’d rather your pets are safe.  Besides, there are plenty of other companies whose systems we can fix.

Other fence installations can cost hundreds of dollars per year in maintenance!

From our first contact with you, we send a qualified representative to listen to your needs for your pet’s comfort and safety. We’ll carefully walk the property and often suggest several solutions for your consideration. Our representative will document and evaluate all obstacles, if any, and produce a detailed diagram or multiple diagrams to be followed later by our experienced professional installers. Then, on the day of installation, we walk with you again, around the property, making sure we detail every potential issue, such as property lines, sprinkler systems, creek crossings, driveway crossings, and other potential problem spots.  We leave nothing to chance when we begin installing your fence. If we do encounter any trouble spots during the installation, they won’t impact the cost of the installation.  Your price doesn’t change unless you ask for additional items outside the scope of the estimate.

The Canine Safety Difference

Over 25 years of experience has taught us that after we’re finished installing your pet fence, we shouldn’t have to show up every few months to fix your wires.  It’s not good for the dog, and it shows the homeowner that their fence wasn’t installed properly.  Unfortunately, many in the pet containment industry consider wire repair a good source of income and the average pet fence installer aims to make about 35-40% of their income fixing their own wires.  This usually involves installing lighter gauge wire, shallow burying, and often leaving wires exposed. We use heavier 12 gauge wire and can bury it up to 18 inches deep if necessary.  This keeps your pets safer and keeps us from having to repair your wires.  

We have extensive experience in all sizes of properties, from townhouses to large farms. We can handle most any terrain. We install year round and have the ability to clear snow from our path in the winter, and bush hog or bulldoze our paths in the spring, summer and fall.




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