Here are some of the most frequent concerns and questions we hear from our customers.

Will burying the wire tear up my lawn?

No. The equipment we’ve designed has a vibrating blade that slices the ground open, buries the wire 3 to 7 inches, then closes it up, all in one motion.

Where should the boundary wire go?

Keeping your pet on your property may have many different requirements. That’s why we offer FREE estimates and consultations, allowing us to show you different designs enabling you to customize a design that suits your property and pet.

I have a blacktop driveway and don’t want to cut it. Do you have to cut the driveway?

In most cases, no.  We’ve developed our own tools to help aid in seamlessly installing these products.  One of them is our “Driveway Drill” which enables us to tunnel under the driveway, leaving the asphalt completely intact!  Check it out here.

Why do you keep talking about the gauge of your wire? Don’t they all conduct the signal the same?

While a lighter gauge wire is less expensive to buy, cheaper to install, and easier to work with, wire breaks become a large issue and the safety of your pet gets compromised every time that happens.  Heavier gauge wire means fewer accidental wire breaks and increased longevity.

Will the shock hurt my pet?

Not at all. The correction is very similar to a static electricity charge. The shock is slightly more than that of static electricity from a rug and can be customized for your pet.

How will our pet know to stay back from the flags?

By using our boundary training methods that have successfully trained thousands of pets. We will do the first lesson for you and teach you the follow-up lesson to ensure you a successful system.

How many pets can be on the system?

An infinite number, but each must be wearing a receiver collar.

What size or type pet can be trained to the system?

The pet must be trainable and able to wear the receiver. We have successfully trained cats and virtually all breeds of dogs, potbelley pigs, and goats to our system… Oh and even a cow!


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