Our Unique Installation Process – Money-Saving Installation Exclusives!

There’s a reason why our installations last longer, look cleaner, and work better.  Below is a comparison of some of the differences between us and our competitors.

Canine Safety

  • Wire: Heavy-duty 12-gauge stranded copper with a custom made polyethylene coating that is environmentally friendly and has a 90-year manufacturer warranty against deterioration.  Stranded copper is less likely to break than solid wire.
  • Burial Depth: 3-7 inches in grass areas, 6-7 inches deep in gravel driveways, and 1/2 to 5/8 inches deep in blacktop driveways and is then sealed with driveway sealant. Or, if the right conditions exsist, we can use our NEW “DRIVEWAY DRILL” to tunnel under the driveway!
  • Guarantee: Lifetime against damage from lawn mowers, 10 years aqgainst damage from snowplows, snow shovels, string trimmers
  • Our Products: USA Built – we frequently have contact with the manufacturers to ensure the highest quality products are being used.
  • Snow Installations?  In most cases, yes!  We have modified our machinery to work 12 months out of the year.
  • Farm Installations?  Yes!  We’ve designed our larger machinery to bury wire up to 15 inches deep to avoid farm equipment accidentally breaking the wire.


Most Competitors

  • Wire: Usually 18-20 gauge solid wire, to save money.  
  • Burial Depth: 1.5 -2 inches in most areas, and 1/2  inch deep in blacktop driveways.  Sorry, no tunneling option.
  • Guarantee: Varies, but service calls are usually part of the business model.
  • Our Products: Most manufactured overseas, to save money.
  • Snow Installations?  Not likely
  • Farm Installations?  Wire won’t likely be buried deep enough to avoid farm equipment damage.




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