The Pet Stop  Warranty

(Deluxe Only)

Most Deluxe Pet Stop® products may be replaced for a nominal charge as long as you have the equipment in question to exchange. There are 3 options for returning defective/damaged equipment:

  1. To avoid shipping and handling charges and for a quick and more efficient replacement, we encourage you to bring the equipment to our office during normal business hours for an on-the-spot replacement. This will ensure that your pet will continue to enjoy the freedom and safety that Pet Stop® provides with little or no interruption.
  2. If this is not convenient you may mail the equipment in question to our office along with an Equipment Return Form which you can view and print by clicking here. Please follow the directions on the form and be sure to include it with your equipment to ensure a prompt response.Once we receive your equipment and form, we will contact you to discuss the next step. We can usually mail out a replacement within 24 hours of receipt
  3. As a final option we can come out to your house to exchange your defective/damaged equipment. Please note that in addition to any possible charges for physical damage your equipment may have, there is a service call charge for this option.

Our goal is to keep your pet safe and happy.
We work very hard to make your experience with our company a pleasant and satisfying one!

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