Keep your pets safe and happy!

Local Dog Fence Contractor; Invisible Fence® Service

We install new Pet Stop® dog fences, because American made products provide a better experience for all, but we service every underground electric pet fence brand on earth. Whether you have an Invisible Fence® brand pet containment system and need compatible batteries, or an Invisible Fence® compatible collar or transmitter, or any brand of electric, underground dog fencing, we can help!


What Makes Canine Safety Systems the Best Choice?

Here’s a simple acronym to remember the differences between Canine Safety Systems and our Competitors –


BackgroundRead about us here.  From the founder of Pet Stop® to the owners of Canine Safety Systems,  our experience in the industry is unmatched by any.

Installations– Everything we do, we do better.  From deeper wire burial, the ability to tunnel under driveways, heavier wire, and the specialized machinery to get it all done, our installations look better and last longer.  Read more here. 

Training– Years of experience in animal behavior, combined with experts on the Pet Stop® staff make our patented “Gentle Steps” system the most effective in the industry – So much so, that we’ve actually trained other animals than dogs on our systems as well.  More here…

Equipment– Pet Stop® pet fence products are made here in the U.S.A. in a local facility.  We keep a close eye on quality, making sure your pets stay as safe as possible.  Browse our products here.

Service– We design our installations to be virtually service-free!  We rarely have to service our own systems, but if you have another system installed and it needs service, we can service that as well.  In fact, over 80% of our service calls are from other system owners.  Check out our guarantee here.