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If you’re having trouble or issues with the dog fence system or training we are happy to help.

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We provide fast, efficient service to the customer, when needed.

Unlike many pet containment companies, who depend on large service revenue for income, our ultimate goal here at Canine Safety Systems is that it should never be needed at all. Unnecessary service on the equipment or loop wire is dangerous to the containment system, as well as the trust your pet’s have in the special training that keeps them safe. We constantly strive to create a safer environment for our loop wires. Heavier wires with thicker insulation, buried extra deep, directly contribute to the reliability of the whole training system.

Like us, Pet stop® also consistently strives for a safer equipment product line, and is by far the easiest system we have ever had to maintain.

This is due to Pet Stop’s superior engineering patents that include:

  • Over the phone programming
  • Lightning damage alarms
  • Easy to read digital display
  • Accurate wire break warnings

These features make it easy to nip potential problems before they become critical. Even common “acts of God” lightning damage to the Pet Stop ® transmitters are all but eliminated, and with our generous warranty, even that rare event is not an expensive problem to fix.

Customer Care and Support

Pet Fencing Support

Our service rates are very competitive and are unique in several aspects:

  1. You will never have to pay for a service call if we cannot restore your system’s function.
  2. You will always have the option of repairing or adjusting most aspects of your system over the phone FREE of charge. Our highly trained office staff is standing by to offer free suggestions on wire repair, training options and equipment adjustments.
  3. We have no less than 10 vehicles at our disposal to quickly repair or service your system.
  4. We have custom designed an array of unique environmentally friendly hand tools that insure proper depth of repairs and significantly shorten repair times, thus insuring the highest quality repairs at the least cost to the customer.
  5. Our wire splices are tougher. They are guaranteed not to break, corrode, or pull apart.

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Contact us today if you need help with your dog fencing system!

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Independent Support

Though we are not associated with Invisible Fence®, we can provide independent support for invisible dog fencing systems, and most other electric pet fence systems such as Invisible Fence®, DogWatch®, Dog Guard®, Innotek®, etc. We can repair wire breaks and exposed wires, or provide troubleshooting support and general maintenance.

Trade-In Specials

If you’re a current owner of an Invisible Fence® or other brand of dog containment system, you’ll be happy to hear that you can upgrade to a premium Pet Stop® system at reduced price when you swap out your existing system. Inquire now!

Compatible Products

Our Pet Stop® receiver collars can be programmed to work with Invisible Fence® (as well as other electronic pet fencing brands). Already own an Invisible Fence® underground pet fence system? Ask us about purchasing Invisible Fence® compatible batteries and receiver collars at a savings.

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